Community Engagement

We are committed to partnering with communities to provide safe, accessible, and responsible spaces for adult cannabis consumption


HTBX + safety

HTBX International and Health Communications Inc., provider of industry standard TiPS alcohol intoxication training, are collaborating to develop the first cannabis intoxication training program. This industry leading program will educate customer service professionals on cannabis intoxication, I.D. check, dual intoxication, management of individuals intoxicated on cannabis, and how to help those that have over-consumed cannabis.

We can help your organization be trained on cannabis intoxication


HTBX + Research

HTBX International recognizes we have built an agile space that allows us to study cannabis consumption. We’re partnering with Universities nationwide to offer our space as a consumption laboratory to study cannabis consumption, how it affects people, who is consuming what and how, and behavior analytics around cannabis consumption.

We can help you study the effects of cannabis



HTBX International believes in giving those that haven’t had an opportunity to participate in the cannabis industry a pathway to do so… Too many have been disadvantaged and communities disproportionately hurt by the cannabis industry and we want to give opportunities to those that may not have had it given financial barriers to entry.

We can help you own a cannabis business

HTBX international partners with rideshare companies to ensure people do not drive high & support CDOT & others in educating cannabis consumers to the dangers of drugged driving - please do not drive high!

We are committed to supporting the following non-profit organizations